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God Always Provides

Back in 2011 God give us a vision that the children in the Dominican Republic as well in other countries needed to be aid in different ways such as school supplies, nutrition, clothing, financial support in extreme cases to help relief the inhumane conditions of the children that we work with. When we started our work with the children in the Dominican Republic the blessing was for only 144 children, but GOD was mercyful and multiply the blessing for 288 scholars that first year. In that first activity the ministery was able to bless around 500 children.

As the years passed the amount of children that have been blessed has increased in big numbers. We currently had helped over 3,000 children directly and indirectly throughout this 4 years.

We all these blessings we have come to conclude that our God has never fail us in this ministry. He has been the main reason this ministry exist today and to him be the Glory. For this reason we are not afraid of the vision that will come in the future with this ministry, the same God that gave the vision will give the provision.

L. Perez-Ruiz


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