Education Supplies 



We collect from our sponsors and donators the following items:  uniforms, backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens, rules, scissors, erasers,  crayons, markers, sharpeners, glue sticks, construction paper, arts and craft supplies, educational toys(puzzles, blocks,  playdough, sensory toys and children books, coloring books) and any educatioanal supplies that a child can benefit from. 



 Food - Drive 


Because of the malnutrition in the countries that we visit, we conduct food-drive that include: canned food such as vegetables, fruits, beens, tuna fish,  baby foods, cereals, powder milk, ensure, canned milk,  rice, sugar, coffee, salt, flour, all types of pasta, water, juices, all types of grains and variety snacks, it doesn't matter the quantity we receive in food supplies, it will be use to help the nutritional needs of  the children in our ministry.  (All Year Long Drive)



 Clothes & Shoes 


The things that we need are; clothes, blouses, shirt, skirt, pants, socks, underwear for girls and boys, hair accessories for girl, school  shoes in all size (black),  sneakers, flip-flaps, sandals, toothbrushes, hair brushes, baby wipes, blankets.

(All Year Long Drive)




 Spiritual Aids  



We are a christian oriented ministry and therefore we provide spiritual aids during our missions, that is why we need bibles, new testtament, tracts, and any material that enhances  the spiritual needs of our children and adolescents.  



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